Magical School Special Pic Preview

Hey, a rumor of Lunar 3 on PS2 is up!

Wanna see the preiview? Go ahead!

WOW! The coolest thing is in Lunar 3 Magical School..the hero is... a heroine!!!

Now, onto that cool stuff you wanna see!
Elly and Lena

Well, a hair trademark. It seems that Elly's constant companion happens to be a GIRL... and looks nothing like a flying cat. Lena is shorter and she is outward and easily angered by some dumb boys...

Wind summons the door

Wind reminds me of the blonde in Gundam Wing who uses Sandrock. Quetra... or... I CAN'T SPELL IT!
Quatre? Oh well. In the game he does turn evil. Which is not good...
The Change

Elly will grasp her destiny and fight off EVIL! Well, a part of the game has her changing clothes. Like alex looked different when he became Dragonmaster.

Gets ready for body painting.

Well, it's body paint. This scene is another nude thing. She's as bad as Lucia.
Sazu and Seria

Well, Seria is like Leo. She's part beast. She is also like Jessica. Well, Sazu her BF is totally better than Kyle.

Wind is EVIL

Hey! He's attacking me! This is EVIL wind. I liked him better as a cutie! Awwwwww maaan!

Reminds me of Kyle. This guy is in your party I think. I have not played the game that far.....

There are some Action Scenes

An action scene of running from being squished!

I think she is so cute. The girls look way young, huh? Tee hee~!

The boys piss of Seria

GRRRR!!! Those 3 STUPID boys! Why do they pick on girls? It's NO FAIR! Girls and Guys need to get along!!!!!
Another collapse scene!



Not that far in the game...

The 3 BOYS